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The greatest beauty secrets come from the fusion between technology and nature.

Over the years, TEN SCIENCE has been offering beauty solutions that are effective due to the combination of essential factors:

  • Products with recognized quality, which are tested and certified;

  • Exclusive manual techniques and treatments to build effective and high-performing beauty programs;

  • Competence and professionalism of the beautician who has always been recognized.

Choosing TEN SCIENCE gives you a comprehensive, clear and reliable approach to beauty.


This quality, effectiveness and reliability translates into safety: all TEN SCIENCE products are hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and subjected to rigorous clinical tests.

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Brand Story

TEN Science, technology and nature coming together for a new form of scientifically enhanced beauty.


The perfect combination of technology and nature that rises to a more authoritative and prestigious level, that of science. Let yourself be carried away by the emotion of the story of our new brand, to discover a natural beauty, scientifically enhanced.

Technology and nature are at the heart of all the face and body formulations, thanks to the close interaction between the most advanced technological complexes and the most effective and valuable natural active ingredients to be found in the earth and sea. Our ingredients are eco-friendly: exclusively obtained through technological processes that preserve the ecosystem and are based on environmental sustainability (with total respect for nature). TEN SCIENCE offers solutions with concrete results which are visible and measurable.

The TEN SCIENCE formulations are characterized by their combined use of the most advanced technological complexes and the most effective natural active ingredients, synonymous with absolute performance: the TEN SCIENCE products and treatments allow you to ensure the optimum response to every skin requirement and imperfection. Soft and enveloping textures combined with gently evocative and heady fragrances complement the uniqueness of the TEN SCIENCE treatments.

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